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The History of the “New” McCree Theatre, is, indeed, chronicled in chapters.  The “Old” McCree Theatre grew out of the Genesee County Model Cities Program and reigned from inception until 1989.  The “Old” was simply a re-creation of a Euro-centric model of what a cultural center is supposed to look like with very little emphasis on our protracted struggle for liberation.

The era of the “New” McCree Theatre began in 2004 with an African-centered focus and philosophy, and a renewed commitment to doing the work of the struggle and a renewed commitment to excellence.  Since its reincarnation, however, the theatre has lived a nomadic life, moving from one rental space to another seemingly without complete control of its own destiny.

2021 was a pivotal year in this country and a very pivotal year for McCree Theatre.  The country was struggling mightily to learn how to live with the Covid-19 pandemic in that year, while McCree Theatre was blessed to find, at last, a home of itsown. The theatre purchased a former church at 4601 Clio Road (The former Charity United Methodist Church) in Flint.  The space was transformed into one the entire Flint community can be proud of as a community hub and enlightenment destination.

Although McCree Theatre’s primary area of focus is the performing arts, we are more than that. With the ownership of our own space, it has become a place where neighborhood groups, business associations, masonic organizations, and Greek organizations can meet and carry out their plans to make Flint and Genesee County a better place to live, work, and raise a family.  Space is available free of charge.

So, as we embark on our 18th Season as the “New” McCree Theatre, we roll out the welcoming carpet to every resident in Genesee County, because you are, to be sure, the third cog in the wheel we call theatre…the audience.  As usual, we will continue to bring you plays and other events that are uplifting, enlightening, exciting, entertaining, and yes, liberating. We welcome you to Season 18. 

Charles H. Winfrey, Executive Director


The "New" McCree Theatre's mission:
"To tell the African American Story in the African American voice."

Board of Directors

Shirley F. Henderson

Dr. James O. Shelley

Melinda Anderson

Eugene Bowmen

Linda Booth
Daphne Epps
Arthur Evans
Caren Fordhan Knight
Fannie Norris
Verona Terry
Donna Ullrich
Deaven Walker
Herbert Winfrey


Executive Director, Charles Winfrey photo
Charles H. Winfrey
Executive Director
Tia White
Office Manager
Cathy E. Johnson
Artistic/Education Director
Pat Hill
Marketing Director
Shirley Winfrey
Audience Development Coordinator
Ivy Blount
Volunteer Coordinator
Norris Toney
Reggie Bingham
Building Maintenance