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 "Apollo Nights"

 "Mainstage Series"

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NOTE! There will be an additional $25.00 charge per each dinner reception.


Alexander Zonjic and Friends $22.50

Howard Hewitt $32.50

Maurice Davis Revue $18.50

Sister Cantaloupe   $18.50

The Heartbeats   $18.50


Apollo Nights Only TOTAL  $110.00

Apollo Nights Series Tickets


Somebody Say Amen    $15.00

 (Seniors/Students)    $7.50

Those Gorgeous, Glamorous Girl Groups  $15.00

 (Seniors/Students)  $7.50


Mainstage Subscription TOTAL  Adults  $30.00

 S/S  $15.0

Mainstage Series Tickets

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Alexander Zonjic


September 15, 2013


Howard Hewett


October 19, 2013

Maurice Davis

and his Revue


November 16, 2013

Sister Cantaloupe

(Trina V. Jeffrie)


January 18, 2014

The Heartbeats


February 15, 2014


Say Amen

December 5- 28, 2013

Those Gorgeous, Glamorous Girls Groups

March 20 – April 12, 2014


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